The Complete Guide To A Home First Aid Kit

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A First Aid Kit is a collection of supplies that are used to provide first aid treatment.

These kits are typically stocked with items that can be used in the event of an emergency or accident. They are usually stored in a box or bag and may be found in public places like homes and schools.

First Aid Kit At Home

A First Aid Kit is an important item to have on hand in the event that you or someone in your family has a medical emergency. A home First Aid Kit should be stocked with supplies and equipment for minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and blisters.

Your First Aid Kit at home should include:

  • Bandages
    • It is important to have various bandages in your first aid kit so that you can cover different types of wounds. You should also have a variety of gauze as well as a variety of sizes for dressings. There are also different types of bandages such as head, arm, finger and more. In general, you should have the following:
      • A Crepe bandage, ideal for ankles and knees
      • A Conforming bandage that can be used to hold dressing in place
      • A Triangular (sling) bandage to support an arm, wrist or shoulder

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  • Adhesive Tape
    • Tape is used to hold bandages and dressings in place until the injury has healed.
  • Gauze
    • Gauze pads are used to cover wounds and stop bleeding. They’re typically placed over a wound before being held in place by adhesive strips or tape.
  • Plasters
    • Plasters come in a variety of sizes for minor cuts, blisters and sore spots.
  • Antiseptic Spray And Ointment
    • Perfect for preventing infection of minor wounds and cuts.
  • Scissors
    • Scissors are a must-have for any first aid kit. They can be used to cut bandages, tape, and other materials that are needed for treating various injuries.
  • Burn Dressing and Gel
    • Burn dressings are designed to reduce burn injuries and provide a moist environment for healing. They can offer quick relief and reduce pain, swelling, and the risk of infection. Burn Gel is a water-based gel for the first aid treatment of sunburns, minor burns, and scalds.
  • Disposable Gloves
    • Gloves are important to use when dealing with an injury. They are especially important when dealing with a cut or open wound to avoid infection.
  • Travel First Aid Kit essentials
    • A travel first aid kit should be stocked with supplies that you may not be able to access easily when abroad. When your doctor’s office is far away, having the right items with you is essential.
  • Ice Pack
    • A single use Instant Ice Pack is a simple and quick alternative to a conventional ice pack. Provides on-the-spot cold therapy for bruising, sprains and muscle injuries. It is easy to use – no need for precooling.
  • Tweezers
    • Tweezers can be used for removing splinters, but also for other small objects such as ticks.
  • Emergency phone numbers
    • Make sure you have a list of emergency contact numbers for the country you are in. You may also want to include your own important details.

COVID-19 and your Travel Kit

When you are travelling you must also keep your first aid kit stocked with masks, hand sanitizer and antigen tests. You also need to research the current COVID guidance in whichever country you are visiting.

Consult the HSE website before you travel.

It is important you have the correct mask when you travel.

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