Supporting Depaul Means Supporting the Most Vulnerable in Society

Medichem provide vital PPE equipment to homeless charity

All of us at Medichem are very proud to have been providing homeless charity Depaul with vital PPE equipment as the charity continues to protect the most vulnerable people during Covid-19. Essential supplies provided by Medichem included items such as hand sanitisers, antiviral wipes, surgical masks and essential first aid supplies. The company also provided a generous donation to Depaul. The total value of the contributions made by Medichem exceeds €6,000 and they have committed to continuing their support going forward.

During the Covid period the charity has managed/provided support to over 500 beds each night and provided in excess of 350k meals. In addition, the charity has helped over 400 people exit the Direct Provision system, working in nine counties across Ireland.

Barry says;

“We were more than happy to help Depaul. Those experiencing homelessness face many challenges and that’s not even factoring in the uncertainty we all face at this time. I felt it was important our business stepped up at this time to support our most vulnerable and I would encourage others to do the same. We all have a role to play in protecting each other at this time.”

Speaking on the support received from Medichem, Depaul’s Director of Services and Development Dermot Murphy says;

“With the support and generosity of businesses like Barry’s we continue to protect the most vulnerable during these difficult times. We are unsure how long this uncertainty will continue so we must be prepared, particularly during these winter months.

“We are grateful for public support from businesses and individuals at this time as it allows us to continue to provide the highest standard of care and protection to those experiencing homelessness.”

Depaul is a cross-border charity which currently operates 31 services across the island of Ireland and works with vulnerable individuals and families experiencing homelessness. The charity was established in 2002 and has been a pioneer in delivering low threshold services to those experiencing homelessness.

If you’d like to support Depaul or find out more about what we do you can visit or contact us on 01 453 7111.

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