Strapping of joints is a common occurrence in the sports environment, no more so than the ankle strapping. In this short post we will look at the aims, benefits, equipment and technique to ensure that your DIY ankle strap is comfortable and fit for purpose.

Ankle strapping can be used for both treatment and prevention purposes, should you have an injury you should always discuss the suitability of your ankle strapping with your physiotherapist or doctor.

What is the aim of ankle strapping:

The aim of any strapping technique should be to provide support to the joint without causing increased pain, discolouration, numbness or redness to the area.

What are the benefits of strapping an ankle:

When applied correctly strapping can aid healing of sprains and strains, allow an earlier return to play (under medical supervision of course), reduce the likelihood of injury aggravation, prevent strains and strains in high impact activities.

When should I avoid ankle strapping?

You should avoid ankle strapping if you have certain injuries such as fractures, if you have circulation problems or have had a reaction to sports tapes in the past.

What equipment do I need?

To restrict movement in the joint we recommend you use a rigid sports tape, especially for the ankle we advise a 38mm size like the one available here. There are of course multiple products available and should you want to discuss it please contact a member of the medichem team who will be happy to advise you. Contact us here.

How do I strap my ankle?

The video below shows Queensland University rugby club head trainer Cam Wray walk you through an ankle strapping.

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