Paper Stitches 6mm x 75mm (Card of 3)

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Paper Stitches also known as paper sutures, steristrips and butterfly stitches are sterile, flexible wound closure strips.
Extra wide 6mm sterile skin closure strips are 75mm long and come in cards of 3.
Quick and convenient skin closure strips – an alternative to stitches.
Paper Stitches prevent minor wounds from re-opening & helps to reduce bleeding. Stay securely in place even when wet. They are low allergy & easy to remove.
To apply skin-closure strips:
• Carefully line up the edges of the wound. Ensure that you are wearing protective gloves. Our powder free Nitrile Gloves are perfect as they no not hinder feeling or movement.
• Push the edges together and, starting at the middle of the wound, apply the strips to hold the edges together.
• Place half of the strip on one side of the wound, gently bring the other side of the wound towards it, and then pass the strip over and secure it to the skin.
• Place strips alternately above and below the first strip – this helps to match up the edges and keeps the skin tension equal. For longer wounds you will need more strips but a card of 6mm paper stitches contains 3 strips.
• To anchor the rows of strips in place, put two strips vertically across the rows – one on each side of the wound.
A protective dressing is not usually necessary but for comfort our Self Sterile Dressings or Sterile Dressing Pieces can be used to cover the area. The strips are waterproof, so you should be able to take a shower 24 hours after applying them, but try to keep the wound and strips as dry as possible.
If the wound does not stop bleeding once the strips have been applied, this is a sign that paper stitches are not suitable. You should consult a medical practitioner because another method of treating the wound may be required.

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6mm x 75mm


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