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Every school in Ireland should be able to provide children with the appropriate level of care. Medichem ensures that schools have the necessary healthcare supplies they need. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal from Medichem – get their Large Instant Ice Packs right now!

The importance of Ice Packs

Keeping ice packs in your first aid kit is a must-have for any medical emergency. They are simple and easy to use, making them an essential item for schools. Ice packs provide a simple and quick solution for minor injuries. Whether you have sprains, strains, and bruises, swelling, minor burns, and skin abrasions, ice packs provide the care that is needed. They are even helpful with the control of body temperature during fever or heatstroke. Needless to say, ice packs are used a lot. Especially at schools, with kids risking getting minor injuries every single day. 

Ice packs are easy to use and don’t require any healthcare background. Most reusable ice packs will eventually wear out, so single-use ice packs provide the necessary quality and care needed in medical situations. However, it can be difficult to ensure that there are always enough ice packs available. 

To help with this, Medichem has a special offer: order 100 ice packs for only €90, or 50 packs for only €50, and get free delivery!

How to Properly Use Ice Packs

When a child has fallen and has hurt themselves, it is important to make sure that the ice pack is used as quickly as possible. The cold temperature will make sure that there will be less swelling and less bruising. The cold pack is also important for the relief of pain from an injury. Ice is recommended as a first-aid measure for pain caused by sprains, strained muscles, and fractures. 

Make sure to avoid direct contact with open wounds and eyes. It is best to use the ice packs in combination with other medical products. Crepe bandages, elastic bandages and tubular bandages for example, are needed to treat open wounds, bruises or sprains. All of these products can also be found at Medichem as well.

Medichem Products and Services

Medichem has a broad selection of products that are sold on their webshop in order to be able to treat every kind of injury as best as possible.  Medichem also sells many different kinds of bandages and dressings. Bandages and dressings are mostly used to help with wounds, bruises and sprains. 

In order to create the safest kind of work environment, Medichem has all kinds of different products available to take care of body fluids and needles. Making sure no harmful diseases can be spread. Medichem also sells gloves, for the cleanest work environment. 

After sustaining burn injuries, it is of the utmost importance to take care of the injuries as well as possible. The best products to make sure the injuries are taken care of well can also be found on the website. Medichem also offers all the covid19 products.  

Especially in schools, many kids have different allergies. This means that a lot can go wrong very quickly. Making sure allergy emergencies are taken care of as best and safe as possible with the products offered by Medichem. 

Besides products for more major injuries, Medichem also offers a wide range of necessary products like masks, scissors, aprons, tweezes, thermometers, plasters, tapes, wound wipes and everything for sports injuries. It is understandable that all of these products can be a bit overwhelming, which is why Medichem also offers kits and cabinets. This will make selecting a bit easier. 

Besides providing schools all throughout Ireland with all kinds of different medical products, Medichem finds it important to also provide people with the proper knowledge and advice. Making sure that your staff has had the right medical training in order to prevent any serious injuries from happening. Medichem offers training in first aid response for example. This will teach you how to respond during those critical first minutes after an injury has occurred. 

During the defibrillator awareness course, you will be taught how to properly use a defibrillator. Making sure that no crucial mistakes can be made whilst using the machine. 

Back injuries are a lot more common and dangerous than you think.  This may seem minor, but after years of wrongly using your back, minor injuries can lead to major ones which is why Medichem offers a manual handling course. 

Fires are scary and get very chaotic. Behaving properly in these situations gets difficult. How to prevent fires from happening and how to respond during .Medichems fire safety and fire warden course will teach you this. People with injuries or medical issues are often the victims during the case of an emergency. The evacuation chair course will show you how to be of help to these people in scary situations. 

With our evacuation chair course, you will be taught how to properly help during these situations. We also have food safety training, during which we will teach you how to prevent unhygienic food situations and manage allergens. Medichem finds it important that people and kids are surrounded in safe environments. Providing these products and services will hopefully contribute to that.

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