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We provide First Aid Kits, First Aid Cabinets and, a full restocking
service to all sectors or businesses and organisations in Ireland. 

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We Provide First Aid Supplies All Over Ireland

We Provide first aid kits, first aid cabinets and, a full restocking service to all sectors or businesses and organisations in Ireland. With offices and stores in Dublin and Portarlington, we offer a nationwide next day delivery service.

On-site Stock Replenishment Service

Take the hassle out of replenishing your First Aid Supplies with our dedicated restocking service. Make sure your legal requirements are met by ensuring that first aid supplies are in-date and fit for purpose. Our expert team of medical supplies specialists travel across Ireland and regularly supplies organisations with all the first aid supplies required. 

Our team can audit your supplies and restock any used or damaged products. This is a very rewarding service for education facilities, construction sites, hotels, sports facilities, or any medium to large size facility. Give our team a call to discuss your requirements.


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